Why don't you unit test?
Create, modify and visualise your unit tests in just a few clicks on our straightforward AI-powered interface.

Easy and smooth setup

In just a few clicks, you are able to set up and use Ponicode in your IDE without needing to change your habits or work environment. At any time, you can access the Ponicode interface to add a test suite to any Javascript code. When not needed, Ponicode runs silently in the background.

Once installed, Ponicode takes care of all the annoying preparation tasks. Never research and read endless debates about the appropriate Jest config again. No more wondering which React testing library to use. No more looking for the right Javascript testing framework to work with.

Ponicode takes care of everything. Testing JS code turns into a whole new experience.


Intuitive and complete Javascript unit testing

Upon opening the Ponicode interface, you can create and modify all kinds of test cases effortlessly. A unique UX helps you build a test suite that optimises your code coverage. A powerful artificial intelligence provides smart and realistic suggestions adapted to your individual use case. Run your tests in one click, and view your code coverage without having to set up Jest coverage or other command-line tools. A sober and precise data viz allows you to evaluate the quality of your code and to investigate possible errors.

Too busy to test Create-React-App applications?  Looking for the NodeJS testing options for a given function? Unsure how to test Javascript code? Our tool is there to help you in these tasks simply and efficiently, always respecting unit testing best practices.

Use our interface to concentrate on the essence of specs and tests and remove the stress and pain of unit testing syntax and config.

Automated test files generation and maintenance

Ponicode generates JS test files according to your preferred location and naming conventions. It writes the tests in a human, organised, clear and readable format, and always maintains consistency between the content of the test files and what you see in the Ponicode interface. Upon command, Ponicode can also detect already written test files and load them to the interface, which allows you to improve them quickly and efficiently.

With Ponicode, you can either work on the GUI or modify the code directly. Our engine understands and adapts to your needs. Whenever you need, all your testing work is synthesised and easily accessible on the interface.

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